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Adoption Process


We don't just pride ourselves in our pups, but also our process. Crafted to nurture trust through honesty and transparency, we work diligently to deliver your furever friend in a painless process.

The trust we have in our adoptive parents is as important to us as the trust you're looking for in a breeder. For this reason, we want to get to know you a little bit; to answer any and all questions you have, and to put us at ease as to who will be loving our grandpups!

Click here for contact information, to setup your interview and get the ball rolling!



Building upon the foundation laid in the interview, we'll take time to familiarize ourselves with your references in order to get a well-rounded understanding of the care your future furever friend will be receiving.




is the GENERAL price.

Sometimes specific color, parents, coat texture and demand can affect the price in both directions. For this reason, until we speak to you it's impossible to give an exact quote.

Reference Requirements

>1 Veterinarian Reference*

>1 Groomer Reference*

>3 Personal References (no relations)

*If first-time pet owners, we would like to know who you plan on using for vet and grooming services


We require a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 to ensure your obligation, reserve a puppy from the upcoming litter, and defray initial cost of care. Payment must be received with signed copy of contract.

We accept cash or check,

as well as utilizing PayPal and Venmo.


Record Requirements

>Must own home or provide written approval from landlord

>No animal abuse record

>No re-homed pets within decade

Birth & Care

Your newest family member is born (or may have already been born, dependent on where you enter the process)--but they still need some tender love and care from their mama! We ensure the utmost care as well as medical testing and treatment in the interim until they go home. During this time, we're more than happy to share pictures and videos for you to get to know your little one before they become yours.



After 8 weeks from birth, your furever friend is finally ready to meet you! We've traveled the country and abroad with our pups, however we have also worked with trustworthy transportation companies. We can discuss what method would be preferable if pick-up is not an option for you.

When you receive your K9 companion, you become part of an even bigger extended family alongside our other adoptive parents from all across the country! Click here to hear about others' experiences with us!


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