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When it comes to ensuring a long, happy life for your furry friends, one of the best things you can do is build an arsenal of helpful items for whatever life throws at you. From food and treats to medicine and more, here are the products that we swear by when it comes to our K9 companions.

FOOD & TREATS      |       MEDICAL       |       GROOMING       |        HOME GOODS

When it comes to K9 health, food (and treats!) are of the utmost importance. Whether you prefer dry or wet food, here are the products we endorse for own pets.

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Everyone likes their food to taste as fresh as when it was prepared--no matter the time of the snack! The same goes for our furry friends and we ensure freshness with the Gamma2 food containers!

Food & Treats


We always encourage you to consult with your veterinarian regarding unique instances with your dog's health, but here are some medical maintenance supplies we stand behind whole-heartedly!


Keep your puppers in perfect condition with some of our favorite go-to grooming products, specializing in keeping your pet as healthy as they are beautiful!



From furniture to feeders, from bedding to the actual beds--here are our favorite home goods!

Home Goods

Home Goods
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