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Extended  Family

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The joy of our journey is always delivered by the joy in yours!

Here are some reflections from some of our "extended family,"

about their experience & beyond!

Caprice P.

"I stumbled across Jen’s Facebook page when looking for a puppy and let me just say I’m so lucky I did! Jen was amazing to work with, as a first time dog mom I had a million questions and she was so helpful every step of the way. Rooney is 8 months old now and he’s completely healthy and the happiest sweetest boy! A HUGE plus to working with Jen is all the time and effort she puts into crate training and house breaking the pups before you get them. She really works with them to get them on a great routine. Rooney cried for 10 minutes the first night in the crate and that was it! It made it such an easy transition. I honestly could go on and on but if you’re thinking about getting a goldendoodle- do it and if you’re thinking about going through Jen- DEFINITELY do it."

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Jenny D.

"Dennis is the best boy! Me and my bf got him as our first dog and he is perfect. He is lovable, smart, and friendly! We couldn’t be happier!"

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Tonia M.

"We love our new baby! So grateful for Jennifer for our precious Ruby!"


Annmarie H.

"Jenn was incredible to work with, she was very responsive with pictures, FaceTimes, and videos and made us very comfortable with the process even during a pandemic and was incredibly accommodating as we drove 16 hours round trip to pick our girl up! Our Bristol is beautiful, well behaved and healthy - Jenn (and Lennox and Finley) did the best job raising her! Jenn has become a close friend and has been a wealth of knowledge as we navigate our first year as dog owners. We can’t wait till the day we get fur baby #2 from her!"

VV - EF - Alyssa Morrison.png

Alyssa M.

"We absolutely love and adore Maggie! She was everything our family needed. Jennifer absolutely went the extra mile to let me have a sleepover to make sure my household and other fur family members loved her, and were so patient with all my crazy questions. Highly recommend."

Jesse V.

"Jen you literally changed our lives. Everything we ever wanted in a dog you found a way to facilitate to us with so much sincerity. You took into consideration what we wanted as a family and paired us with the perfect match of a dog. You went the extra mile to answer every single question we had for you with no hesitation. You love what you do, and it shows one hundred times over. We’d recommend you and your family of pups to anybody we knew in a heartbeat. All three of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

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VV - EF - Jolinda Tharan.jpeg

Jolinda T.

"Our little lady, Lizzy is an unbelievable girl. Loving, smart, kind, gentle, patient, she wants to please you. Very good with our grandson and any other children. Yes she is a puppy (will be 2 in November) and can be a stinker every now and then.  Loves to be with you."

Eddie L.

“Finding a responsible breeder was very important to us.  Jennifer was amazing and walked us through everything.  She communicated regularly for weeks before our baby arrived.  She continues  to ask and care about Leo.  Leo has been a beautiful addition to our family.  Healthy, happy, calm..... just perfect.  We cannot say enough good things about the Gold family. 

I give the Gold family a 10 of 10.  The only problem is every time I see a new puppy on their social media, I want it.  The struggle is real.”

VV - EF - Eddie Lucio.jpeg
VV - EF - Jamie Giancefano.jpeg

Jamie G.

"Trustworthy, Responsive, Friendly, A true lover of everything that’s 'golden!' I was fortunate to have received Jennifer’s information in regard to our dog that we never knew we needed and now cannot live without. I was immediately drawn to her kindness and genuine love of her very own golden furbabies! She was knowledgeable, willing to always answer questions, share detailed thoughts, information and photographs of our boy! She takes care of her dogs, they are healthy & happy & it shows through to their puppies! At the time we had gotten Jennifer’s information we were only just considering, possibly one day .... and when I saw the pictures of the pups I knew instantly which one of them would soon be ours and I was never so quick to make such a huge decision... we put a deposit down the very same day! We have already since been considering when we would be bringing our next “golden child” home and it’s just over a year since we’ve brought Guinness, our very first golden baby boy home!"

Kaitlin M.

"Jen was great to work with, she always kept me updated on my puppy before pick-up with photos and video! We still talk today, and she is always willing to answer any questions I have. I drove 12 hours (round trip) to get a puppy from her, I trusted her, where as with a lot of other breeders I felt weren’t in it for the right reasons! My dog is my best friend, I am so grateful to have a beautiful, kind & healthy puppy from Valleyview Goldendoodles!"

VV - EF - Kaitlin Meissner.jpeg
VV - EF - Courtney Beach.jpeg

Courtney B.

"The best breeder ever!! So trustworthy and calmed my every worry. I looked so many places before finding you and felt so at ease. There were breeders in my town and I was willing to drive out of state because I loved everything you were all about. Lola is such a well temperamented, sweet, kind hearted dog and that goes back to her earliest days on earth with you!! I recommend you to everyone I know."

Courtney S.

"Only Doodle home

I'd ever buy from.

So great we

adopted two!"

VV - EF - Courtney Brooks 2.jpeg
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